Hey Beautiful, I'm Angèle.

Free spirit, wholehearted, an artistic motherhood photographer in New Brunswick

I'm Charlie's mama, lucky wife and photographer based in Grand Falls, New-Brunswick. I am many things, but most of all, I'm an artist. I love the sound of falling rain, babies breath and thunderstorms. I'm inspired by nature, your deep connections, and gentle love for one another.

My sessions are relaxed, but with intent. I will softly guide you and direct you towards the best possible light. But the magic happens in the little in-between moments that simply cannot be put into words. Sometimes it can be felt through the touch of your baby's hand on your face, or the warmth of his wrinkly skin consuming your healing body...My heart longs for people who will let me capture the beauty in their mundane everyday life. I want to capture the tales of you and your children so when they grow, you can tell them all about when they were tiny. Being a motherhood photographer, my purpose is to capture your feelings and turn them into timeless photographs through a unique and natural experience.

i believe a photograph is a warm hug that will bring you solace and healing when you need it most. a reminder of all the motherly goodness in your life

It All Begins here

For Dreamers, soft hearts, and Free Spirited Mothers.

The kindest of words

you make people feel like it's ok to be alive. to live in our bodies. you create hope and love.... joy comes from your lense. you strip off the armour we wear to protect ourselves and our precious cargo. you make it ok..... you make us beautiful. i will forever be grateful i had the chance to have you capture us... its simply my favorite part of new brunswick and my time there. you are simply amazing. i will forever be grateful for the beautiful story you told behind your lense.

— linda

Angèle is a motherhood + family lifestyle photographer serving both Grand Falls, NB + the Maritimes. She focuses on honest + poetic imagery. Making sure there's a story to be told. Being a mama herself, she know exactly what you're after. She's inspired by movement + quiet barefoot moments. Her sessions take place in the heart of her client’s home or during sunset, at a beautiful location where the light is absolute magic.


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