If ever you want to print the pictures, I highly suggest you download them on your computer/laptop as they will download as high resolution file. Then transfer to a USB if you want to print locally. (like Jean-Coutu). If you download the pics on your cell that's totally okey. They automatically download at a low resolution for social media and your phone. Feel free to the share your photos. If you do, please don't forget to tag me in the caption @solislightphoto or @angeledoucette


Usually, clients will go to a local printing shop to print their photos, but if you want a beautiful finished product, I strongly recommend printing from the 3 companies listed bellow. Most of the time, the local shop printers (like Walmart) will not offer a quality product for the beautiful pictures you have paid for.

The companies listed bellow offer a beautiful finished product at a reasonable price and they will ship them directly to you (or in-store) within a reasonable time frame. They're equally great and they will make your photos stand out! Don't forget, your great Grand-kids will see these one day!

Extra info: I strongly recommend you download your gallery from pixieset directly to your desktop/laptop to get the high resolution files. Then order your photos from there too. (Not from your cell phone). Also, these websites are user friendly, but if you have any questions, please feel free to reach me!

Have fun printing!!...and yes, you can print as much as you want!

— Angèle


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in-store and online

I strongly recommend you print your photos at a local Jean-Coutu

in-store: You can print 4X6, glossy finish (instantly or 1 hour service) but if you want 5x7 and 8x10, you will need to order online.

Online: Make an account, choose your pharmacy and then start your order. You be able to order in matte OR glossy finish and many other sizes that may not be offered in store. (like 5x7 and 8x10). Once your prints are ready, they will be shipped to the pharmacy you chose when you created your account. (Choose Grand Falls or Edmundston, NB)

Ivan's camera

Moncton, NB



You automatically get 20% off with your first order