Please chat with me. I truly believe that outfits can make a session. I have to believe that you booked with me because you love the natural style that I offer. You, the outfits and the backdrop make it a come together and creates breath taking images. The following tips will help achieve just that. I know this part can be challenging but rest assured that im here to help every step of the way. Once the outfits are settled, the session is frosting and we will have so much fun!


I usually recommend for mama to choose her outfit first, and use that as inspiration for the rest of the outfits. Choose dresses that catch light, flow and flatter you. While you may think a dress isn't your "style", I promise you that they photograph beautifully. I also have a client closet with beautiful dresses at you disposal. they add so much depth to your session it's unreal!


Please be careful of the colors of under garment you decide to wear. I usually recommend, beige or white. Also some dresses require for you to wear silicones on your breasts. (no straps) it looks so much better and there's only so much I can do with photoshop.


Dad should have coordinating colors as well, but let your pieces be the star. Solid shirts that are grey, white, cream or brown are the best choice. I typical love a black pair of jeans or beige-brown-olive cargo pants on men.


Go for loose, flowy, textured natural fabrics that will move with you. Be sure to add visual interest with texture and beautiful natural colors like earthy tone and neutrals. Don't put to much thought in the shoes, 99% chances are that I will ask you to walk barefoot :) Please avoir red or any bright colors. Also avoid wearing all dark Colors because you will all blend in together. 


Avoid plaid shirt (chemise carottés), large prints, geometric patterns and any large graphics or logos. Also any big watch or items that will distract from your beautiful connections. Flowery paterns are welcome! 


The goal is to get the colors, patern and textures right. Avoid being too matchy, matchy - Ideally your outfits will compliment each other and not blend into one another. 


Don't be affraid to wear something that will show off your beautiful neck line, back and you legs! If your husband is up for taking his shirt off, he can! I find it adds so much emotion when you see skin to skin with your loved's so emotive and just magical. Don't forget to show off your tattoos! You payed a lot of money for those!


Don't be afraid to accessorize! If you'd love to bring "stylish hats" or if your son or husband would love to wear a beanie, bring it!! Please keep in mind no logos. **Please no base ball caps. Bring any important family airloom like a ring your grandmother gave you or maybe your daughter has a locket with her brothers photographs inside. Anything that will add value to your beautiful story.