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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to lock in your photoshoot with me. It means so much and I'm excited to get to know you guys better. I just wanted to touch base and let you know what to expect on your upcoming photoshoot.

Let me give you confidence by saying first that your shoot is going to be awesome, and know that 99% of the time the first 10 minutes of any photoshoot can feel uncomfortable until you relax and feel confident in front of the camera...

Trust in the fact that I do this everyday; Im not one to pose and tell you exactly what to do, but I'm here to guide you and I usually say alot "find someone to touch" and "look anywhere but the camera". It helps you focus on each other instead of at the camera. 

Be assured that if something doesn't look right or if you look uncomfortable, we will adjust. My goal is to capture exactly how you all come together naturally; the true essence of your family. I promise it will be fun and by the end of the session you'll be totally relaxed and having fun. The objective isn’t just to take pretty pictures, but to capture this exciting stage in your life, exactly as it is now. 


Copy and paste the following message and text it to him.

Hey you! I know it sucks to have you pictures taken and that you'd rather be doing something else. I totally get it! I have one like that at home too! I mostly focus on mama and the babies and we'll pop you in here and there! It's just like hanging out with them at home. You can hang them by the feet, put them on you shoulders and tickle them! At no time you're obligated to smile and say cheese...Im all about capturing your family's natural unfolding moments, they're not fake moments! Just hang out with your beautiful wife and kids and if you can do that...You'll be golden! I usually say all of this at the beginning of every session and I instantly see the relief in dad's eyes. They're like "hell yea! I don't need to look at the camera!!?" No you do not! This session means the world to your wife and it's important that she feels your support. Just make her happy! If you feel like you need to drink a beer before coming...go right ahead...hell bring one at the session if you want! I will not judge!! No stress! — Your Photographer


A few days before your session, I'll get in touch with you to confirm the meeting point + time. We will then drive to the location we'll shoot at. I'll be in a ruby red gmc terrain. Also, my shooting locations are usually 15-20 minutes away from Grand Falls.

Light differs from a cloudy to a sunny day. Both are very beautiful, but different. If it's cloudy, we will meet 20-30 minutes earlier. The forecast changes quickly sometimes and I want to make sure we have enough time to shoot because it gets dark earlier. If we do, I will let you know on the morning of the shoot.

The remaining balance can be payed in CASH at session.



For the session, I'd recommend to bring a small bag with water and dry snacks for your babies. Kleenex just in case they need to pee or have a runny nose.


please feel free to bribe your kids with an ice cream after the photoshoot! Whatever works!


My style is very natural and it's about capturing your natural unfolding moments. No need to coax your babies into fake emotions.


At the beginning of every session, I explain how the session goes so you know what to expect. We'll walk, relax, and truly disconnect from your busy life. You get to soak it all in and just hang out with your babies . This is your time!


For an hour, I need you trust me. Know that Im ready for anything that comes my way. I know sometimes mama's are scared that their babes will not cooperate, but rest assured that some of my most emotive sessions are when they want nothing to do with it.


Please don't be disappointed if they don't behave or if they're pouty. You'll do some consoling and that's okey. They'll want to trow some rocks and play with sticks, we'll pick flowers and walk to distract them, the girls will dance and swish their dresses, you'll snuggle and tell stories. You'll sit and play in the water...and you'll get dirty. Yes dirty! I also plan for more tranquil + intimate moments when the time is right. We plan a meaningful session to create memories that are unique and true to you.


The waiting time is usually 4 weeks after our session. I know it's painful to wait, but trust me it'll be worth it :) If you decided to add a video to you shoot it may be a little longer. Please keep in mind that I will not be sending sneak peaks this year. It truly takes me away from concentrating on your session and it also helps me deliver your gallery in a reasonable time frame. I hope you understand! xx