Spirit + Milk


Portraits + Artwork by Angèle

About the artist

Hi Beautiful! I simply love giving solace to my mama's and it's my main mission to make you feel like you your motherhood journey matters. If I couldn't do that, I truly believes that my art wouldn't be as meaningful. Since 2020, I've create digital motherhood artwork based from photographs for mama's from all over the world like Australia, Germany and the States; Hawaii, Florida and Kentucky. Not to mention my local mama's up in the Campbelton area and out West in Alberta. I'm so grateful!!

What it includes


  • 35 digital images
  • 1 hour photography

Unique Artwork

  • One artwork creation of your favourite photograph.
  • File type: PNG
  • File size: 1620 × 2160 pixels
  • Will be delivered at the same time as photos.
  • Your unique artwork will be delivered by dropbox.


HST included