The vulnerability of boudoir can be scary territory sometimes. But, as you'll soon learn, with vulnerability comes intimacy. The kind of intimacy that we don't often have a chance to capture in our fast-paced lives.

So, congratulations for scheduling this in. For prioritizing your own needs, your own self-worth, your own body. When was the last time you set aside some time to really appreciate the body you've been living in? Our upcoming session together is the perfect way to set aside time for just this - an opportunity to embrace vour entire self, and stick it to a society that tells you you're not good enough. I am here to support you all the way. That's why l've created this guide. Crafted especially for you, it's the key to you walking into your session feeling sexy, confident, and informed. Let's do this.

not your typical boudoir session



Start thinking about what you love about your body. Reflect on why you've chosen to do this shoot. Imagine how incredible it's going to feel to get the images back. Thinking about why you're doing this shoot will help you balance out the (very normal) nerves that might come with the approaching shoot date.

How would you like your personality to be reflected in the images? Are you romantic or risqué? Classic or quirky? The answer to these questions will help vou get excited about your shoot and drive the decision-making process about what to wear.


  • Don't starve yourself. Load up on leafy greens, healthy fats, and lots of water. Your skin will thank you for it.

  • Get lots of sleep - especially the night before your shoot. You'll feel and look way more refreshed if you're caught up on your zzz's.

  • Moisturise. Do a face mask. Exfoliate. Condition.

  • Do all of the things to pamper yourself -not just because you'll look better, but you'll feel more confident knowing that you're looking your best, too.

  • Make a playlist! Choose songs that make you feel sexy, beautiful, or happy. I'll put it on my speakers when you arrive and we can set the mood together.

  • Mentally prepare by being mindful of your thinking. Practice being kind to yourself in small ways, like identifying parts of your body and mentally listing things about each part that you're grateful for.



  • I just want to preface this section by saying it's your body, your rules. But, there are a couple of things that you can do for me that will greatly impact your photographs for the better.

  • Please don't get a spray tan. This stuff has a way of sinking into the little creases of your skin, creating an uneven or blotchy appearance.

  • Don't wax or shave immediately before your session. These processes can sometimes cause inflammation, drawing undue attention to your bikini line or underarms.

  • Don't wear anything you don't feel comfortable in. Although it can be tempting to wear incredibly sexy new lingerie, it's important that it's been professionally fitted to your form so that it's not bunching or pinching in the wrong places.

  • Don't wear tight clothes before the session jeans and bras sometimes leave marks on your skin.


My nomad boudoirs are shot in nature. No worries we will find a quiet and private place for you. It's truly about being vulnerable and connecting with mother earth


The main reason we're here is for your self-empowerment. If getting your hair and makeup done makes you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin, do it. If you feel weird in a full face of makeup, skip it -or just keep it minimal. If you do decide to get a little bit fancy, then I fully recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done! If you've got a full mane, it's best to wear your hair down-1 have lots of great poses that involve running your fingers through your hair or tossing it around a little bit.


The only thing you need to bring is panties and a bra!! I got the rest covered with my client closet! Earthy tones!



If you walk away after reading this and only remember one thing, let it be this. have zero expectations. Embrace what comes - the wind, the rain, the awkwardness, whatever unfolds.

Every shoot is unique, and we have no set shot list to tick off on the day. It's all about YOU and capturing your connection with yourself and mother earth. We're not here to mimic the shiny perfect boudoir sessions you see on your feed, my nomad boudoir session are different from the traditional way of shooting but rest assured that we will capture magic! Throw your checklist out the window and know that magic will naturally unfold. When it does, I'll be there to help and guide you.


In my client closet, I have versatile pieces for every shape and size. Wear something that'll keep you cool in summer, warm in winter, and that'll make you feel like the stunning woman that you are. You can defenitly bring your own outfits, but please keep in mind that what I offer is a unique experience and gorgeous art for your soul and walls. You can bring a couple outfits so that we can play with different options and combinations.



A few days before your session, I'll get in touch with you to confirm the meeting point + time. We will then drive to the location we'll shoot at. I'll be in a ruby red gmc terrain. Also, my shooting locations are usually 15-20 minutes away from Grand Falls.

Light differs from a cloudy to a sunny day. Both are very beautiful, but different. If it's cloudy, we will meet 20-30 minutes earlier. The forecast changes quickly sometimes and I want to make sure we have enough time to shoot because it gets dark earlier. If we do, I will let you know on the morning of the shoot.

The remaining balance can be payed in CASH at session.



My style is very natural and it's about capturing your natural unfolding moments. Pretend im not there and please don't look at the camera. I will ask you guys when the time is right.


At the beginning of every session, I explain how the session goes so you know what to expect. We'll walk, relax, and truly disconnect from your busy life. You get to soak it all in and just hang out with yourself. This is your time!


The waiting time is usually 4 weeks after our session. I know it's painful to wait, but trust me it'll be worth it :) Please keep in mind that I will not be sending sneak peaks this year. It truly takes me away from concentrating on your session and it also helps me deliver your gallery in a reasonable time frame. I hope you understand! xx


Bottom line? I want this photoshoot to give you an opportunity to slow down and appreciate your own brilliance.

If you've gotten to the end of this guide and you've got a few questions swirling around in your head that I haven't answered, please message me or pick up the phone and give me a call. My number is 1-506-426-4264. Just let me know you're calling because I don't ever answer my phone. I want you to feel at ease and prepared going into this session.

Your photos are going to be amazing. I can't wait!